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medical trocars

  • Disposable Bladed Surgical Trocars

    Disposable Bladed Surgical TrocarsItem Code: GYTR-III Brand: GEYI Features: 1. Disposable 2. Safety tip with shielded blade

  • Disposable Visible Trocars Used With 0 Degree Endoscope

    Disposable Visible Trocars Used With 0 Degree EndoscopeBrand: GEYI Specification:GYVT-Φ5/10/12mm Cannula Length:7/10/11/15cm Features: 1. Disposable 2. With the lead of 0 degree endoscope,the doctor can reduce the hurt made by blind insertion,to minimize the wound. 3.Avoid cross infection in the surgery.

  • Single-use Surgical Trocars With Blade

    Single-use Surgical Trocars With BladeOur single use trocar can work with 5mm,8mm,10mm and 12mm laparoscopic medical instruments.The cannula is designed with zigzag ripple,ensuring stability of the surgon and minimum wound on the body.

  • Disposable Bladeless Surgical Trocars

    Disposable Bladeless Surgical TrocarsItem Code: GYTR-I Brand: GEYI Features: 1. Disposable 2. Blunt tip (bladeless)

  • Reusable Laparoscopic Trocars

    Reusable Laparoscopic TrocarsReusable Laparoscopic TrocarsItem Code Description Specification Package Trocar and Sleeves801.008Cross-shaped TrocarsФ12.5 X 95mm10pcs in a carton801.004Ф10.5 X 95mm10pcs in a carton801.003Ф5.5 X 95m