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Spade Shape Monopolar Electrode

  • Lparascopic Monopolar High Frequency Electrode

    Lparascopic Monopolar High Frequency ElectrodeWe have 8 types of the monopolar electrode:L-hook,spade,needle,coagulation and so on.Size5*330mm,material:stainless steel.The top of the monopolar electrode is make of PEEK,not with ceramics,which couldn't be easily shrinked during and after the surgery.

  • Monopolar Electrode With Suction Irrigation

    Monopolar Electrode With Suction IrrigationMonopolar Electrode with Suction Irrigation Item Code Pictures Specification Package 808.147Ф5*330mm (push type, rods)10pcs / CTN808.200.1Ф5*330mm (push type, L hook)10pcs / CTN808.199Ф5*3

  • Monopolar Cable

    Monopolar CableCord (Cable)Item Code Pictures Specification Package 808.082.1Ф8mm*3000mmmatch OLYMPUS Monopolar cable20pcs / CTN808.082.2Ф6mm*3000mmordinary connector Monopolar cable20pcs / CTN808.082.3Ф6mm*3000mmma

  • Needle Holder Forceps V-shape

    Needle Holder Forceps V-shapeNeedle holder is a surgical instrument,similar to a hemostat,usd by doctors and surgeons to hold a suturing needle for closing wounds during suturing and surgical procedures.The parts of a simple needle holder are the jaws,the joint and handles.

  • Reusable Monopolar HF Electrode

    Reusable Monopolar HF ElectrodeReusable Monopolar HF Electrode is the application of HF currents (in the frequency range of 300 kHz up to several MHz) to coagulate, fulgurate, spray coagulates or ablates tissue. Knowledge of how this and other physical modes interact with biological materials is becoming increasingly important to the surgeon for safe and consistent surgery.

  • L-Hook Monopolar Electrode

    L-Hook Monopolar ElectrodeMonopolar Electrode:size:5*330mm,Material:PEEK

  • Laparoscopic Monopolar Electrode

    Laparoscopic Monopolar ElectrodeLaparoscopic Monopolar ElectrodeItem Code Picture Specification Package 808.017Ф5*330mm (L hook)20pcs / CTN808.017.1Ф5*330mm (electric hook)20pcs / CTN808.017.2Ф5*330mm (electric hook)20pcs / CTN808.0