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Laparoscopic Medical Instruments

  • Monopolar Cable

    Monopolar CableCord (Cable)Item Code Pictures Specification Package 808.082.1Ф8mm*3000mmmatch OLYMPUS Monopolar cable20pcs / CTN808.082.2Ф6mm*3000mmordinary connector Monopolar cable20pcs / CTN808.082.3Ф6mm*3000mmma

  • Laparoscopic Bile Duct Knife

    Laparoscopic Bile Duct KnifeBile duct knife (Bile duct scalpel)801.026Item Code Specification Package 801.025.15X330mm20pcs in a carton801.02610X330mm20pcs in a cartonPacking & DeliveryPackaging Detail: 20pcs in a cartonDelivery

  • Monopolar Electrode With Suction Irrigation

    Monopolar Electrode With Suction IrrigationMonopolar Electrode with Suction Irrigation Item Code Pictures Specification Package 808.147Ф5*330mm (push type, rods)10pcs / CTN808.200.1Ф5*330mm (push type, L hook)10pcs / CTN808.199Ф5*3

  • Laparoscopic Bipolar Forceps

    Laparoscopic Bipolar ForcepsLaparoscopic Bipolar Forceps Item Code Picture Specification Package 808.045Ф5*330mm (three partition) (single action, straight)10pcs / CTN808.045.1Ф5*330mm (three partition)

  • Trocar Reducer

    Trocar ReducerTrocar ReducersItem Code Description Specification Package 801.010 Cannula ReducerФ10.5mm - Ф5.5mm, X 100mm10pcs in a carton801.010.1 Cannula ReducerФ10.5mm - Ф5.5mm, X 120mm10pc

  • Laparoscopic Monopolar Electrode

    Laparoscopic Monopolar ElectrodeLaparoscopic Monopolar ElectrodeItem Code Picture Specification Package 808.017Ф5*330mm (L hook)20pcs / CTN808.017.1Ф5*330mm (electric hook)20pcs / CTN808.017.2Ф5*330mm (electric hook)20pcs / CTN808.0

  • Reusable Veress Needle

    Reusable Veress NeedlePackaging Detail: 20pcs in a carton Delivery Details: 1. If in stock, 3 to 5 days 2. If not in stock, 10 to 15 days.

  • Laparoscopic Knot Pusher

    Laparoscopic Knot PusherLaparoscopic Knot Pusher Packing & DeliveryPackaging Detail: 10pcs in a cartonDelivery Details: 1. If in stock, 3 to 5 days2. If not in stock, 10 to 15 days.Product FeaturesMOQ: 1pcPayment terms:T/T, PayPal, Western Union, AlipayType of shipping: by sea, by...

  • Suction Irrigation Pump

    Suction Irrigation PumpPackaging Detail: 20pcs in a carton Delivery Details: 1. If in stock, 3 to 5 days ​2. If not in stock, 10 to 15 days.

  • Reusable Laparoscopic Trocars

    Reusable Laparoscopic TrocarsReusable Laparoscopic TrocarsItem Code Description Specification Package Trocar and Sleeves801.008Cross-shaped TrocarsФ12.5 X 95mm10pcs in a carton801.004Ф10.5 X 95mm10pcs in a carton801.003Ф5.5 X 95m