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Disposable Trocar without Blade

  • Trocar Reducer

    Trocar ReducerTrocar ReducersItem Code Description Specification Package 801.010 Cannula ReducerФ10.5mm - Ф5.5mm, X 100mm10pcs in a carton801.010.1 Cannula ReducerФ10.5mm - Ф5.5mm, X 120mm10pc

  • Disposable Linear Cutter For Endoscope

    Disposable Linear Cutter For EndoscopeSpecification: Item Code: GYRC Brand: GEYIFeatures: 1. Disposable 2. Suitable for dividing, resection and anastomosis in the endoscopic surgery or open surgery. I

  • Disposable Bladeless Surgical Trocars

    Disposable Bladeless Surgical TrocarsItem Code: GYTR-I Brand: GEYI Features: 1. Disposable 2. Blunt tip (bladeless)

  • Disposable Circular Staplers

    Disposable Circular StaplersItem Code: GYCS Brand: GEYI Features: 1. Disposable 2. Suitable for end to end, end to side and side to side anastomosis in the alimentary canal ope

  • Disposable Bladed Surgical Trocars

    Disposable Bladed Surgical TrocarsItem Code: GYTR-III Brand: GEYI Features: 1. Disposable 2. Safety tip with shielded blade

  • Disposable Circular Stapler For Hemorrhoids

    Disposable Circular Stapler For HemorrhoidsAccessories: Anorectal dilator Anorectal transfixation toolSpecification: Item Code: GYHS Brand: GEYIFeatures: 1. Disposable 2. Mainly suitable for III°-IV°hem

  • Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler

    Disposable Linear Cutter StaplerPackaging Detail: 10pcs/CTN Delivery Details: 1. If in stock, 2 to 3 days 2. If not in stock, 10 to 15 days for quantity under 100pcs. ​3. If not in stock, 20 to 30 days for quantity above 500pcs.

  • Disposable Veress Needle

    Disposable Veress NeedleSpecification: Item Code: GYVN Brand: GEYIFeatures: 1. Disposable 2. Suitable for passing carbon dioxide to the abdominal cavity in the laparoscopic surgery to inflate

  • Disposable Endo Bag

    Disposable Endo BagSpecification: Item Code: GYSF Brand: GEYIFeatures: 1. Disposable 2.Retrieving the following excised pathological specimen in laparoscopic surgery or minimally invasiv

  • Disposable Linear Stapler

    Disposable Linear StaplerSpecification: Item Code: GYLS Brand: GEYIFeatures: 1. Disposable 2. Suitable for closing stump and incision in the alimentary canal operation, such as stomach